As well as regular ongoing classes in the evening and daytime the school offers a number of dedicated study groups which meet during the year outside of regular classes.


The purpose of these groups is to work through the complete forms and teach all the postures and techniques necessary to learn the entire form during one calendar year.


This may be of interest to you if you want to do something extra alongside regular classes or live further away and can’t always make regular classes.


We have study groups covering the following topics over the year.

Tai Chi Foundation Exercises.
Tai Chi Laojia Long Form.
Tai Chi Sword Form.
Tai Chi Canon Fist Form.
Tai Chi Forest of Dean.
Tai Chi Retreats in Padstow.

You are welcome to come along to any of the sessions throughout the year. Bear in mind the group will progress from the beginning of the year, and to ensure we cover all the material in the year, we will take a structured approach. This means that you can repeat sections in following years to deepen your understating or simply to cover sections you have missed.

Choose from one or more of our study groups …

Sunday Tai Chi

This group meets from the beginning of the year and runs over a number of Sundays to cover the complete Laojia Chen Tai Chi Long Form.


This is the main stay of the Chen Tai Chi curriculum and is the same form we teach in the regular evening and daytime classes.


Cost : £65


Venue : Bristol or Forest of Dean



22 January
5 March
2 April

25 June

24 September
19 November



21 January

3 March

21 April

23 June

22 September

17 November

Friday Tai Chi 

This group meets from the beginning of the year and running over a number of Fridays to cover the complete Laojia Chen Tai Chi Long Form.


Following the same format as the Sunday version of this group.


Cost : £35


Venue : Kelvin Players Hall, Bristol



20 January
3 March
16 June

8 September

17 November



19 January

1 March

21 June

13 September

15 November

Generally, groups meeting at the weekend (mostly Sundays) start at 10am and finish at 4pm. Friday morning groups start at 10am and finish at 12:30pm.