Private Lessons

Tai Chi and Chi Kung private tuition

Ideal if you can’t fit the weekly classes into your schedule or would prefer a one-to-one learning experience or small group


Private instruction gives you the full and undivided attention of the instructor and can help you make great progress in learning
tai chi and fitting it into your daily routine.


You can work at your own pace and concentrate on the areas of the syllabus you want to pursue.


Sessions will take place at my house in north Bristol as I have a dedicated tai chi garden to accommodate students.



Payment can be through bank transfer, cash or cheque on the day.


If you need to cancel then I require 24 hours’ notice.


Contact me on 0117 9493955 or 0781 1566791 or email


1 person / half an hour £35

2 people / half an hour £45

3 people / half an hour £50

1 person / one hour £55

2 people / one hour £70

3 people / one hour £80



6 warm up exercises

Standing Chi Kung Meditation

Silk Reeling Exercise

6 Healing Sounds Chi Kung

Yin Yang Chi Kung

Chen Tai Chi Chuan 19 step form

Chen Tai Chi Chuan 38 step form

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Laojia Yilu

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Laojia Erlu

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Xinjia Yilu

Tai Chi Broad Sword

Tai Chi Straight Sword

Tai Chi Guandao

Tai Chi Spear

Tai Chi Double Broad Sword

5 sorts Push Hand

Push Hand applications (chin na)